Daily Feline Prompt: Tiny Feline

“Look, Mrs. Human, my secret weapon claw.”

“That is your secret weapon.”

“Yes, all felines have them, they can be very useful. If you have a territorial disagreement with a fellow feline, you just show your secret weapon claw and they quiver wth fright.”

“And then you win the battle.”

“Not quite. Some felines have bigger secret weapon claws than others. That is why I like to keep it sharp.”

“On my furniture.”

“Of course. The wooden leg of your armchair or your bed is very suitable. The leather polster on the chair also serves its purpose for a final polish.”

“But Tabby, I have scratch marks everywhere afterwards.”

“Which shows how suitable it is. If you have scratch marks, it means that the purpose is fulfilled and my secret weapon claw is getting sharper and ideal as a combat weapon.”

“But sometimes I notice you have a problem when clawing on a soft fabric and remain hanging.”

“Yes, they are occupational hazards. Nothing is perfect.”

“And sometimes I might find a claw which has been discarded.”

“One of the sacrifices of war. Otherwise I am quite well equipped.”

“But that secret weapon looks quite tiny.”

“That is because it is a secret weapon. No point in having a weapon that everyone sees.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Tiny Feline