Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Transformation

Tabby and Nera  kittens

“Look Mrs. Human, that’s me with my sister Nera. Was I really so small?”

“Yes Tabby, that was your kitten days.”

“I think my MacDonalds “M” on my forehead was only just developing.”

“Yes, you were then only a few months old.”

“And I still had all of my nine lives. I was then only in training, but am now fully qualified as bird hunter, mouse hunter and human trainer. I had a lot to learn, but got there eventually. There are still a few corrections to be made, but the transformation of my human slave is progressing.”

“I beg you pardon?”

“Mrs. Human you are always telling me that the Rome place was not built in a day and so it seems are human slaves. You are still putting the hard vitamin pellets in my food bowl. I must be making a mistake somewhere.”

“But I always fed you on the vitamin pellets. You really liked them as a kitten.”

“That was because I was not getting anything else. Actually I did not mind them at the beginning, they had a nice taste and were softer. One day they changed. The taste was gone and I had to chew on them.”

“That was because you were older and I changed them to food for adult felines. You were no longer a kitten. The kitten pellets were softer and contained more fat.”

“Did you ask me for permission to change them. I remember distinctly that my litter sister Nera, also noticed life was no longer the same. I am convinced the change caused us to lose a life.”

“No Tabby, definitely not. Look how healthy you still are. You can still spring onto the top of the cupboard and back down again. You are fit and agile and it is all thanks to the healthy vitamin pellets. The vet told me it was the best I could feed you on.”

“There we have it Mrs. Human. Never believe a vet, they never tell the truth and nothing good comes from a vet. They jab you and force medicine down your feline throat.”

“But it is all for your own good.”

“It is always for my own good. So now you can transform my food bowl and fill it with tuna fish. That is also for my own good.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Transformation