Daily Feline Prompt: The Banned Leaf Soldiers

Tabby“Mrs. Human, open the window at once, I want to go out.”

“Yes Tabby of course.”

“Then hurry up, I do not have all day. I have places to go and things to see.”

“Tabby patience would be a good thing and you could be more polite when talking to me. At once is not a good expression. I am not your servant.”

“Of couse you are not my servant Mrs. Human, I would prefer to use the word “Slave” which incorporates the genuine meaning of your purpose in my feline life. We will not bother about explanations of the word polite as this is not in the meow vocabulary.”

“It means perhaps saying please and thankyou after I attend to your needs.”

“Another two superfluous words. Our language is based on the necessities of life, like give, do and make. Being a super intelligent race we felines have reduced the meow language to the necessities of life, so open the window, now.”


“Now exists in meow.”

“Ok, but do not go too far.”


“OK forget it, go where you want, but be careful.”

“I am always careful. I have work to do. The leaf soldiers are gathering for an attack. Look how they are changing colour.”


When they become yellow, they can ge very agressive. Only a few days and I will be able to kill them with no problem.

Tabby“Mrs. Human, open the window at once. I have completed my investigations and on the way destroyed at least 10 leaf soldiers. I am now exhausted. Combat duty is hard work.

“Just a minute Tabby.”

“What is a minute Mrs. Human?”

“It is a moment in time.”

“What is time?”

“OK Tabby forget it, I will not explain the human clock to you.”

“We also have a feline clock, but we do not have minutes or moments, just mesurements¬†¬†like now or at once. And now it is time for my evening meal, it was exhausting work killing those leaf soldiers. Some even begged for mercy, but they will not return.”

“Yes Tabby, I can see the dead leaves laying on the ground.”

“Exactly, you may transport the dead Mrs. Human.”

Daily Feline Prompt: The Banned Leaf Soldiers