Daily Feline Prompt: Feline without smoke

Schanz, Solothurn, 1st August

Meow, it’s me. Mrs. Human said I can paw a few meows about this smoke stuff. Sometimes I see humans producing smoke, athought it seems it is something they do now and again. Mrs. Human says it calms the nerves of some humans. Mrs. Human used to do it, but then I adopted her and she had stopped. Probably my good influence on the human nerves.

However, there is something I must say. It seems there are certain human races, like main coon, siamese, british short hair, rag doll, turkish van and of couse the mau (based on feline expressions of course – humans have other descriptions) that have celebrations once a year to have fun. Unfotunately the human idea of having fun is not the feline idea. In England they celebrate a bloke that wanted to blow up the houses of parliament, in America they celebrate the right to do their own thing, and in Switzerland they celebrate some sort of day when the country became a country, although no-one really knows when the day was, but they celebrate it in any case by lighting fires on the mountains and making bang everywhere..

In the old country, way back in the days when we had fun in the corn chambers, we felines also celebrated. We celebrated every day and the corn chambers remained mouse free and everyone was happy. We did not do bangs or smoke, just meow.

Today the humans are happy with their celebrations, but they use something called fireworks. Now I find everyone is entitled to fun, but if the humans think that we felines are having fun on these special days they are wrong. It is not fun to hear explosions everywhere, have bright lights constantly flashing and having to hide from it all in a dark corner somewhere.  Even Mrs. Human gets annoyed and gives me a few strokes and tummy tickles to calm me down – with my permission of course.

We felines do not like smoke – it stinks and we do not like loud unexpected noise – just saying. We have delicate ears.

Daily Feline Prompt: Smokey Feline

4 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline without smoke

    • Meow Dusty
      They scare me as well. Humans do not seem to care, they think it is fun for everyone. It is definitely not fun for me and no decent self-respecting animal would be seen on the streets at that time. Some human do listen, like Mrs. Human, because she does not lilke them either. It is the one night of the year when I stay at home.
      One day the humans might listen – Tabby T. Cat

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  1. I used to hate the fireworks, but now, they are nothing. It’s the gunshots of hunters in the woods that scare me these days. They don’t, as far as I can tell, bother the dogs. Go figure. Sometimes, a lack of imagination is a good thing.

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    • Fireworks always frightened me as a kid as there were always a few idiots that liked to throw them aroud and I did not like the noise. My felines never liked them. If there is a firework somehwere, the cat is immediately indoors.


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