Daily Feline Prompt: Re-Arranging a feline


“Mrs. Human you are disturbing my rest hour.”

“No Tabby, you are disturbing mine. This is my bathroom and not a feline rest home.”

“But I am resting here. It has a nice warm floor, covered with a comfortable carpet and is ideal. You will have to find somewhere else.”

“Tabby you have at least 4 various resting places here, so choose another one.”

“Forget it. That would be an intrusion in my private sphere and would cause a psychological problem if I now have to move. I was just drifting into the nocturnal feline world, where everything is organised to assure that I do not suffer from withdrawal symptoms when falling asleep. My whiskers had already begun to relax, my paws were beginning to make the customary movments of a feline travelling to another dimension and now you interrupt and tell me to move on. This could cause a feline nervous breakdown, could completely disorientate my instincts.”

“You have instincts? I thought your only instinct was eating and sleeping and searching for somewhere to sleep.”

“Mrs. Human it is a well-known fact that the word “instinct” in the human language has the meaning of non-understanding of the feline intelligence.¬†As the great feline Albert Einpawstein said “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius is feline” which explains the reason why I remain where I am. I need my sleep to improve my level of genius.”

“And how do I improve my level of genius.”

“Mrs. Human you have to have such a level to be able to improve it. And now move on, I am sure there is a quiet place for you somewhere in the garden or the kitchen to clean your teeth or whatever humans do in a bathroom.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Re-Arranging a feline