Daily Feline Prompt: The Feline Bridge

Fluffy, Nera and Tabby

Many are the bridge I crossed in my feline lives. a few lives being discarded on the way. There is a memorable photo when I risked my life to jump from a chair, and the others looked on. I think my litter sister Nera with the long black fur said if I went first she would follow, which she never did,  and so I jumped, I crossed the bridge and discovered that yes, the bowl was full of tuna fish. No way did I allow the others to cross the bridge until I had eaten my fill. Fluffy was the last to join us, but she was the youngest. Nera was the oldest, three minutes older than me, but she was the boss. She said jump, cross the feline bridge, and of course I obeyed.

Since this time I no longer cross so many bridges, but let Mrs. Human risk her life for me: after all that is what slaves are for. Of course I do not allow her to do everything. Water tasting is my job, humans do not have such perfect taste buds as felines.

Otherwise I do not know what all the fuss is about with these bridges. We felines have no problem. It is just an application of quantum mathematics if you are confronted with a narrow path. You have to combine your paw width times x+4 (4 paws) minus the nano seconds necessary to transverse the square root of the hairs on your whiskers (for balance of course) – are you with me?

I know it is difficult for a mere human brain to digest. My great granfather, maternal side (unfortunately the paternal side of my origina got lost on the way) owned a guy called Schroedinger – you know the guy with the quantum mathematcal solutions. Of course I inherited a certain amount of the logic and so it remains to be seen that it is impossible for an organism to be simultaneously alive and dead which leads to the fact that the complete Copenhagen Interpretation must be inherently flawed. Are you with me? Of course not, you are mere humans.

Let it be said that the result of these equations leads to the fact that now and again, if my quadratic paw dynamics function. it might be that I leave a lotus flower in my paw prints. When crossing bridges, I even reach the other side without leaving the original side. Ok, forget it, I know it is too high for human intellect. I will continue another time.

Daily Feline Prompt: The Feline Bridge