Daily Feline Prompt: Base to Feline

Tabby and the pawpad

“Hello Tiddles, are you there.”

“Hello Tabby, Yes. Isn’t this meowmessenger system on our Pawpads ideal, now we can have a meow without any humans interfering. What did you have for food today?”

“The usual hard dry vitamin pellets. Mrs. Human only serves the good stuff when she is in the mood. She has a thing about health food.”

“They are all the same Tabby, selfish and thoughtless. They never share anything tasty with us felines. My human had a plate of fish for lunch, and I did not even get a spoonful. I gave her the pleading begging look, but she ignored me saying something about the fishbones being too dangerous for me to eat. She did not even ask. Yes those humans really only think about themselves.”

“Hi girls, can I join in?”

“Meow Butch, yes, we were just sharing our problems with the human species.”

“Tell me about it, do you get those hard vitamin pellets as well for lunch and dinner, and even through the night, as well as breakfast.?”

“Of course we do, it is disgusting the way the humans treat us, and all under the name of something being “healthy”. Who wants to be healthy? We just want to be fed with food according to our wishes. What flavour do you get Butch.?”

“No idea it all tastes the same to me. But Tabby you are looking fine.”

“So are you Butch.

“Perhaps the vitamin stuff is really good for us.”

“Tiddlles there are things we can think, but should not be said. I have the solution.”

“You do Tabby.”

“Yes, let’s go on a hunger strike.”

“You first.”

“Err, I am not ready for it yet. Perhaps next week. I will have to sleep it over.”

“I know what we can do.”

“What Butch.”

“Lets make a few hairballs, and take some photos for Meowmessenger. We can share them in Pawbook for everyone to see, and perhaps in that human Facebook thing as well with the title “Tuna fish for everyone – do you want your hairballs to look like this?”

“Good idea Butch, that might bring the humans to reason and treat us with the restpect we deserve.”

“Yes Tabby, after all we were worshipped as gods, and still are gods deep down in our hairball system.”

“Well said Tiddles.”

“Yes, down with vitamin pellets, and up with hairballs.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Base to Feline

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