Daily Feline Prompt: No relish for the feline


Tabby food“What’s that?”

“It’s your food bowl Tabby, filled with your favourite flavours.”

“Does not look very appetising. You know we felines eat with the eyes as well. You could make it look more like food than a modern Picasso painting. What’s the flavour?”

“On the packet it says “tuna”.”

“But it is just brown pellets, I see no fish. You could at least apply some imagination to serving it. How am I supposed to enjoy a bowl of hard pellets with  absolutely no interesting features.”

“Perhaps I could decorate them with some parsley, or perhaps chopped chives.”

“Typical, we felines have a digestive system which does not accomodate vegetarian substances. We are carnivores, so if you want to add something, then chop some raw liver over it.”

“Raw liver is not so appetising. I will cook it first of all.”

“Forget it, we felines like it raw and red. Great Uncle Drac Cat from the Transylvanian branch of the family, thrived on raw liver. The ladies would swoon for him when he sank his fangs into their necks.”

“Tabby, I am not preparing raw liver with your food. It is not the way of doing things here in Europe.”

“And you expect me to eat that bowl of bullet food. To gag it down my delicate digestive organs and perhaps even choke to death on it.”

“Do not exaggerate Tabby.”

“I am not exaggerating. This is cruelty to felines, I will report you to the SPCC.”

“What is that?”

“The Society for prevention to cruelty to cats.”

“Forget it. This food is officially approved as being full of vitamins and minerals valuable for maintaining the health of a feline. If you do not want it, it is no problem. I am sure if I place the bowl outside, there will be many felines and kittens that will eat it for you.”

“Forget it Mrs. Human. this is my food and I am not sharing it with any other felines. I will gag on it until it is eaten. Perhaps I might even produce a special mega hair ball in honour of this wonderful vitamine filled tuna flavoured meal. Just give me a bowl of fresh spring water afterwards as a chaser to obliterate the taste.”

Daily Feline Prompt: No relish for the feline

2 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: No relish for the feline

  1. Dear Tabby, I’m amazed you haven’t tried my little sister’s strategy for getting tuna once a day. Hunger strike. Your human will be terrified. You’ll end up getting tuna just so you eat something and she will not feel guilty. It worked. Of course, I haven’t tried it. I actually like my kibble. It keeps my teeth sharp and that’s important because you never know when a squirrel will invade the yard and require the ultimate sanction. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      We felines do not do hunger strikes, it would mean going without until the next meal and it would disturb our timetable. We can put up with it as generally the human gets soft and we get our tuna fish eventually. I have never sharpened my teeth on kibble, I just swallow, but there is a good advantage. Mixed with grass, they produce the perfect hairballs, nice a firm and a good shape.
      Keep up the good canine work – Tabby T. Cat

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