Daily Feline Prompt: The Irksome feline


“Tabby, do you have to sleep on the bathroom carpet. You are in the way.”

“Mrs. Human, today is a big day. The feline population have entered a new word into its Meow dictionary. Today I am being Irksome. I am the irksome feline. I have decided to become the personification of being irksome.”

“But Tabby, you are always irksome, it is nothing new. I just used a different human word for it, like annoying.”

“It is not the way you say it Mrs. Human, but what you say.”

“Usually it is the other way around.”

“Not in the feline aspect of the matter.”

“Let us not quibble about words Tabby, just move to somewhere else, you are in the way in the bathroom.”

“I find I am in the right place at the right time. It is quiet, I am in an enclosed space and can do my own thing. I am enjoying the moment of being irksome in the bathroom.”

“But you can move to another resting place, even my bed is free until this evening.”

“That is not the same Mr. Human. If I sleep on your bed, I am not being irksome but co-operative (which does not exist in meow) and today, as a day of celebrating the new meow word, felines everywhere are being irksome.”

“Then I will also be irksome and move you out of the bathroom.”

“That does not work Mrs. Human. Today is not human irksome day, it is Monday.”

“I did not think that names of days existed in the meow vocabulary.”

“They do not, but Monday is tuna fish day in the human dictionary”

“No Tabby, Monday is the first day of the week.”

“Exactly and should be celebrated with tuna fish.”

“I was thinking of a nice bowl of vitamin enriched pellets, with tuna flavour of course.”

“Mrs. Human, you are being irksome. This is my new word day not yours.”

“Sorry Tabby, I will go immediately and prepared a bowl of tuna fish. I would not want to spoil the inauguration of a new word in the meow dictionary.”

“What’s inauguration Mr. Human, can I eat it.”

“No Tabby, forget it. One new word is enough for the day.”

Daily Feline Prompt: The Irksome feline

2 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: The Irksome feline

    • Meow Dusty
      It is my human’s purpose in life to be kind to me. I expect it. I am never irksome, sometimes misunderstood, but that is a small problem in interpreting meow and human language. When Mrs. Human means no, I mean yes. It is quite simple really.
      Have an enjoyable barking day – Tabby T. Cat

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