Daily Feline Prompt: The primp and proper feline

Tabby having a wash

“Tabby, what are you doing on that bed?”

“I am making myself primp and proper for my next sleep.”

“It would be better if your polished yourself up after your sleep and not before on my bed.”

“Your bed? That would be a source of discussion Mrs. Human. When I am here it is my bed. After my sleep I might  let you use it again. And now I have a few details to care for. My mum said that I should always be clean behind the ears. This can get very technical. I have to wet my right paw and then wipe it on the back of my right ear. For cleaing the left ear, the opposite action is required. Washing can be a very exhausting business Mrs. Human, one of the reasons why I wash before sleeping. I need my sleep afterwards to recover from the washing operation. ”

“But you wash again after your sleep.”

“Of course. When you are finished sleeping in the morning you have a long lick with that think you call shower. We are self-sufficient Mrs. Human and do it all by ourself and do not need things call showers. If you used your tongue you would find it much more effective and you would not need that soap stuff.”

“The human body is not programmed for such a cleaning process Tabby.”

“As I said before, humans have constructional defects.”

“Do you call the opposable thumb a constructional defect.”

“Of course not, but we had to let you have something to keep you happy. Humans are convinced that opposable thumbs make them something special. So now I am prim and ready for a sleep. Just a tummy tickle to help me on my way. Yes, exactly. And now I will be absent for an hour or two or three, so in the meanwhle you can prepared my food.”

Daily Feline Prompt: The Primp and Proper Feline

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