Daily Feline Prompt: A vegetal feline?

This is a reblog from 2010 when Tabby’s litter sister, Nera, was sill amongst us and not yet moved on to her 10th life in the corn chambers. Tabby decided to take a break today from blogging today, as she has nothing to say about being vegetal – she prefers her food from something that once breathed and she is allergic to anything else.

It was a normal Saturday morning for the cats and Nera, my number one cat, was perched on the table waiting for something to happen. Although she knows that tables are not places for cats, she sits there just to make a point.

“Mrs. Human, I do not make a point. Tables are there for cats to sit on and to observe what is going on.”

“OK, Nera, point taken, so now let me get on with my work.”

That last sentence was a signal for Nera, as my work consisted of preparing the green beans for lunch. First of all I fill the sink with water and put the beans in to wash them a bit. That was then the Nera adventure begun.
Nera and beans

“Fun, Mrs. Human, now the bean hunt begins.”

“I don’t exactly know what you mean Nera, after all cats are carnivores.”

“Of course we are, I mean we don’t actually eat the beans. Now if you were washing mice, it would be a different aspect to observe. ”

“So what is so interesting in those beans that you make a leap from the table to the sink and sit there watching. You don’t usually use such energy Nera unless there is a reward.”

“Well, just watch Mrs. Human. The beans are in the sink and now I have to make a careful observation to see if they move and what they do.

Nera and the bean hunt 2

Look Mrs. Human, look, one of the beans is moving.”

“Not so excited Nera, of course it is moving with the movement of the water.”

“No, Mrs. Human, you two legged objects just do not understand. That bean is trying to escape from my stealthily concentrated observation. I have decided, that bean will be killed.”

“Nera you cannot kill beans, if it were a mouse or bird I would understand, but not a normal vegetable, just a green bean with no heart or soul.”

“Now just look Mrs. Human, I have got my paw ready to attack.”

Nera and the bean hunt 3

So Nera attacked her bean and captured it in her mouth. She was so fast I only caught her on the camera as she was leaping away with it.

“Mrs. Human are you taking photos of my hunt. Although quite a good idea, then everyone can see what a clever, intelligent and cunning cat I am.”

“I am not sure Nera whether you will be recognised as the best feline bean hunter.”

“Well I captured that bean so fast you couldn’t even keep up with the camera. Now comes the fun part, just watch. The bean is still alive and is trying to escape.”

“Nera beans are not alive, they do not breathe, talk or do anything. They just sit on a stalk until they are harvested and I cook them.”

“Rubbish, forget it Mrs. Human. You humans just do not understand the thrill of the hunt. So now watch me.”

Nera and the bean hunt 4

I then did as ordered and watched Nera with her bean. She had it on the floor and sort of played football with it until she got it “captured” next to the table leg.

“Look Mrs. Human, isn’t this exciting. The bean is trying to get away and I have it clamped in my paw.”

“Yes Nera, very exciting.”

“Don’t be so patronising Mrs. Human, this is a serious task and needs my full concentration. Look, now I have killed it, it is no longer a danger to the cats here.”

Nera seemed to be quite happy with the result of her hunt, and another bean bit the dust.  I wonder what she will find to hunt next week. I think I must cook some carrots again some time.

Nera and the bean hunt 5

Daily Feline Prompt: A vegetal feline?

8 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: A vegetal feline?

  1. I love to watch Parker play with something on the floor like this. Sometimes I ‘accidentally’ let her grab something off the table just so I can watch her. But that is just between you and me. The Mister is not a fan of cats on the table….

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