Daily Feline Prompt: “Or” the feline word

Tabby in the bathroom

Feline life is not easy, there are so many important decisions to be made. I am tired, I am always tired, at least 23 hours of the day. I reserve the 24th hour for my exercises in searching for a place to sleep. That is where the problems begin. Shall I sleep on a chair or ascend to the heights of the cupboard where I can keep an eye on my felinedom. Of course there is always a bathroom solution. That is a very favoured place, especially in winter. The floor is warm, the carpet is ready and I can arrange my body in a sutable sleeping pose.  There is a problem with human intrusion. It is my bathroom, my sleeping enclosure and I find it an infringement on my territorial rights if a human enters. A slight discussion follows, but I keep my ground, I do not move. Eventually I am again left in peace.

I suppose I could move to another one of my favourite sleeping places, but here the word “or” does not apply. I decide and there is no question of an alternative. A feline sleeping exercise is at least 2-3 hours for full relaxation.

I might hear the sound of a tin operner, of food being served which is a reason to apply the “or” clause, the alternative to sleep, which is eat. I arrive in the kitchen and find my bowl has been filled with something worth eating. This is not always the case, as it is permanently filled with hard vitamin pellets in case I get hungry. I am always hungry, but there is hunger and hunger and vitamin pellets are not part of that equation. After feeding the work begins again.Shall I return to the sleeping place where I was or choose somewhere else? There are so many decisions to be made in a feline life.

I decide on a climb to the top of the cupboard where I can observe my felinedom and meditate on the meaning of life. This can take some time as when you have 9 lives the process is more detailed. After another 3-4 changes of sleeping places I might go on an inspection of my territory, or perhaps not. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Such are the problems of a feline life – or?

Daily Feline Prompt: “Or” the feline word”

7 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: “Or” the feline word

  1. Dear Tabby, This is why I leave most of the decisions up to my human who seems to struggle less with “or.” And, when another dog or a squirrel comes into my realm, I already KNOW what to do. I think my little sister, Bear, might have more dealings with decisions of her own. She’s recently learned that, in the evening, if she takes our human to the back yard, when they come back, our human will give us all cookies. I don’t know how she figured that out, but I’m grateful and so is Mindy. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      Seems like you have a good training programme. Alas I am now on my own and have to do it all by myself. Mrs. Human makes decision, but usually the wrong ones, so I have to guide her now and again. I have never seen a squirrel – can you eat them, are they tasty? I do not eat cookies, they have no meat. I made an exception this evening. Mr. and Mrs. Human had pizza and as they do not make them with bird or mouse, I do not bother. However I am quite partial to some crumbs so I still hover aound the dining table for a few tasters. Have to keep those humans on their toes with my pleading feline look.
      Have a good one – Tabby T. Cat

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  2. Our dogs are constantly forced to make choices too. Go out and bark? Stay in and bark? Run around looking cute until someone gives you a cookie? Paddle in the water bowl? Sleep on the sofa? How about the love seat. So many decision. It’s exhausting!

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