Daily Feline Prompt: Flaming Felines

New Cat

“Mrs. Human, there is a strange feline in my territory.”

“Yes, Tabby, she is a new feline and exploring everything.”

“She has no business to be exploring anything in my places and look she has left her mark.”

“But she has covered it up like all well behaved felines.”

“It is not well-behaved when you mark territory that does not belong to you.”

“But it is only a kitten and learning. Everything is new to her. You should give her some advice, being an expert on such things.”

“No problem Mrs. Human, always ready to help.

So that has been dealt with.”

“Tabby advice does not mean chasing her away and hissing at the same time. Now you have scared her.”

“That was the idea Mrs. Human. She has to learn that you do not mark territory that has already been marked.”

“I thought you would be glad of some company to play with Tabby. Now she is scared.”

“Mrs. Human neither “company” nor “play” exists in meow. She might be small now, but in a few months she will be bigger and planning to take over.”

“But Tabby it would be so nice for you to have a little companion. You could show her around and introduce her to the other felines here. I am sure she feels very alone at the moment.”

“Of course Mrs. Human. Is that why you don’t mind her licking the chicken legs that you have on the kitchen table, ready for the evening meal.”

“What, she is in my kitchen.”

“Of course Mrs. Human, I did not want to frighten her away. She is so alone and needs a friend.”

Humans are funny sometimes. there was Mrs. Human getting all soft and mushy about a kitten threat in the garden and now she is chasing the kitten around her kitchen and shouting at it. And I thought we had to be friendly and nice to our new playmates. Oh well, another human disappointment. Humans can be so unpredictable sometimes. I know, we felines stick to what we say and do. And now the little kitten is running away with a chicken leg in its mouth.

Daily Feline Prompt: Flaming Felines

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