Daily Feline Prompt: The Lofty Feline


On a dark and rainy day,
I was forced to stay inside
I was bored with nothing to do
Life’s perspectives were not so wide

Mrs. Human was writing a blog
She ignored my plantive cries
Although who needs a human
The are really not so wise

I decided to sharpen my claws
Mrs. Human was very annoyed
I scratched and scratched some more
At last I was not bored

Mrs. Human said “go and play”
But I did not know quite how
“Play” is a very strange word
And does not exist in meow

There was only one solution
I am really not a softy
So I climbed to the top of the cupboard
I was now feeling very lofty

If your humans get on your nerves
And their stupidity makes you weep
There is only one thing to do
Curl up and have a sleep

Daily Feline Prompt: The Lofty Feline

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