Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Fish

Tabby eating tuna fish

“Mrs. Human, today I will write the daily prompt for my site. I am the authority on fish.”

“Ok Tabby, but not more than 300 meows.”

“Not more than 300 meows? But that would only be the introduction. Writing about fish would be a life’s work, definitely at the top of the list for a feline Pulitzer prize. You cannot describe the advantages of fish in 300 meows That would be just the introduction.”

“But Tabby, there is not much to say except for the fact that “I like fish”.”

“That would be the first meow. Afterwards I I would follow with its qualities, how it melts in the mouth, the absorbance of the flavour in my sensitive taste buds, the equisite aftermath after the first morsel is swallowed. I would then extend my analysis to the psychosomatic development of the fish eating processes and what could result from the digestion. As you know the mind can influence the body, and the body can influence the mind.”

“Yes Tabby, but you are writing about fish, something you eat, and not a psychological manifest.”

“Fish is not just something you eat, it is a state of mind, a necessity to the conservation of feline life as we know it. We felines are developing the intricacies of the presence of fish in a feline life continuously. One day the paw friendly tin opener will be discovered and then the future life of the fish will be ours. We will conquer the fish world with no remose. Every fin, every bone will be removed separated by our opposable paws. In the meantime…..”

“Yes Tabby, in the meantime?”

“We let the humans have the feeling that they have a purpose in life. All this talk about the qualities of a fish has made me hungry. Open a tin of tuna fish Mrs. Human, and then I can continue with my dissertation on the benefits of fish to the feline race.”

“Tabby, I have allowed you more than 300 meows.”

“But that is only the overture I have not yet got to the part where we list the various methods of serving fish with its complements.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Fish

4 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Fish

    • I am sure she would appreciate it, but she would have to travel to Bern or Zürich.No sushi bars in our town. Of course she could do it herself, but then the problem with the opposable thumbs will again arise and no, I am not making sushi.


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