Daily Feline Prompt: A tart feline


I do not like sour, because I am sweet
I am so lovable, so wonderfully neat
You can give me a tummy tickle, and also some food
But only if I want it and am in the mood

The tummy tickle must be gentle without any flaws
If you do it all wrong, I will have to apply claws
I can be very good humoured if it is your wish
But only if you fill my bowl with fish

Mrs. Human likes lemons which I find very sour
That is why when she walks there is no lotus flower
I think I must go, tarts are really not my thing
Tonight is full moon and I have to go and sing

We have a big moon, it really looks great
It is yellow and glowing, I really cannot wait
Mrs. Human cannot see it, it is hidden in the sky
But we felines have no problem, we see everything so high

Daily Feline Prompt: A tart feline

2 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: A tart feline

  1. I also don’t like bitter things
    Lemons, rhubarb or limes.
    I’d rather have some roast beef
    When the clock says “dinner time.”

    But I do like apples
    They all taste sweet to me
    Even the tart green ones
    Picked too soon from the tree.

    Yours forever and ever in Catteral and Doggerel, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      Very doggerectic I must say. I am sure I could write a ballad about meat telling of its delicious flavours, especially when fresh, although Mrs. Human always cooks it first – I suppose humans are like that. I prefer it in the natural state.
      Enjoy the evening, Tabby T. Shakespeare Cat.

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