Daily Feline Prompt: We are clean


Sorry fans, but today is really not my thing. I am supposed to write about being “filthy” and the word does not even exist in meow. I have just awoken from one of my daily sleeps and was preparing for my fifth wash today and then I saw I should paw something about filth? This shocked me into having another lick. As a feline I am insulted and how can I write about something that does not exist. We are clean, are surrounded by a cloud of scent and where we walk lotus flowers spring out of the ground. We felines taught Siddartha how to do it. And now leave me, I have some washing to do and some cleaning paw swipes behind the ear before I relax for my next sleep. “Filthy” indeed, an insult to the feline dynasty – destroys the appetite for pawing a daily masterpiece.

Daily Feline Prompt: We are Clean

2 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: We are clean

  1. Dear Tabby, My name is Dusty and sometimes I am, but my Siberian Husky adopted mothers taught me to clean myself, and my human believes in using the brush, even a damp towel if things are out of control. I believe it is psychological manipulation, but she also taught us to be happy when she says “Come on, I’m going to wash your face! Good dog!” Maybe we’re not supposed to like it, but we do. Yours forever in hygiene, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      We felines are allergic to water – although I believe there are a couple of exceptions in the thread. Water is there for drinking, but I never accepted it for another purpose. I do not mind the comb. Sometimes Mr. Swiss uses it on me, but te general opinion is that Tabby felines with the Macdonalds “M” on the forehead do not need brushing as we have short hair. The only psychological manipulation I allow is a tummy tickle, but only when I am in the mood. No-one washes my face, I have licked paws for the purpose.
      Tabby T. Cat

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