Daily Feline Prompt: The percolated Feline

Tabby posing

“Mrs. Human, where did you get this water?”

“It is the water we always drink.”

“That was not my question. Did it come from that tap thing you have everywhere.”

“Of course. We can be luck to having running fresh water, there are countries where that is not so natural.”

“But there is nothing natural about this water. It does not have the “ooomph” that water needs. That certain something that enourages the taste buds to expand and develop and savour the essence of a natural water experience. Has this water been percolated?”

“I suppose it has Tabby. Our local water organisation want to ensure that our water is not contaminated and a few additions are made to ensure its purity.”

“But this is not the water I like to taste, to indulge in. Mrs. Human it is raining. Now is the chance for some real tasty water without all these strange additions that humans make.”

“Tabby I am not going out in the rain to collect water for you. The water in your bowl is perfect.”

“Mrs. Human would you drink cooking wine?”

“Of course not Tabby, it is of inferior quality and would not taste so good.”

“Exactly, but you expect me to drink that synthetic water that arrives  from the tap. Rainwater has more taste. It has life, it has been places and seen things and all of this concentrates itself in its drops. Rain contains the essence of feline life. I want real living water and not something percolated. And when you collect my rain water, make sure you collect it from the front garden and not the back garden.”

“OK Tabby, I will not ask why, it is obvious that the water at the front has more flavour.”

“You are learning Mrs. Human, you are learning.”

Daily Feline Prompt: The percolated Feline

2 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: The percolated Feline

    • Actually our water is fine, only Tabby would prefer it pure as it falls from the sky. We do have a water filter for our water for tea or coffee. It removes the lime. Our water is not so strongle chlorinated. I could tell a different story about water in New York, it was absolutely undrinkable and I even cleaned my teeth with bottled water.


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