Daily feline Prompt: A mythical feline.


Sparrow“Look what I saw in the supermarket this morning Tabby.”

“A bird? Are they now selling them alive? Fresh bird is much more tasty than those naked chickens you someetimes bring home.  Where is my bird?”

“No Tabby, calm down. I took this photo to show you. It was in the supermarket hopping around. I think it has a nest somewhere on the roof.”

“And you take a photo. I thought it was a new selection in their poultry departmnt: bird cages and you can make a choice. That would be more interesting than you shopping and taking photos of birds.”

“But Tabby she was flying around and settled on the ground in front of the refrigerators, so I took a photo. I thouht you would be pleased, knowing how much you appreciate birds.”

“Oh yes, Mrs. Human, I really do appreciate them, especially when they are trapped in between my claws trying to escape. It helps to develop my hunting instincts. Live birds flying around in a supermarket is wrong Mr. Human.”

“Yes it is unusual. You mean something should be done about it.”

“Of course, they should be caught and sold for humans that are owned by felines. I see my new menu already. Tomorrow roast sparrow, the day after sparrow stew and afterwards for an appetiser sparrow salami. There are untold varieties.”

“No Tabby, the sparrow stays where it is. It seems to be quite happy in the supermarket, has enough space to fly and there are no felines to disturb it.

Anyhow I brought you something much more appetising and interesting from the supermarket.”

“Filletted chicken wings, with the feathers removed to make it easier to digest.”

“No Tabby, that is not in their assortment. They were offering vitamin pellets with chicken flavour cut down to half price, so I bought two bags instead of just one. Now you have enough to last for at least a month.

Tabby stop hissing and showing your claws, that is not very nice.”

“Neither are vitamin pellets, I do not want vitamins but the real thing. I will accompany you on your next trip to the supermarket. I see that a certain feline guidance is needed on your shopping expeditions and we will not take the camera. I cannot eat photos: a knife will do just as well.”

Daily Feline Prompt: A Mythical feline

4 thoughts on “Daily feline Prompt: A mythical feline.

  1. Dear Tabby, My adopted mom/sister, Lily T. Wolf, liked to catch birds as they flew low above her. She’d just lie quietly, the bird would dive for something and before it was halfway to the ground, she had it in her mouth. Personally, I never got the fun in that, but she loved it. My little sister just watches the birds and I ignore them, though, if one were stupid enough to walk in front of me, I don’t think it would last long. I just wonder why you would want them cooked. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      My apprentice Fluffy was the bird catcher before she became blind. He would eat it all, no feathers remained, the birdcatcher of Tabby territory. I hae noticed that as the years go bye the birds are no longer so easy to catch. The sit on the branches of the apple tree, meaning I would have to jump up to catch them. I prefer my food in a dish these days, less exhausting. Mrs. Human is more into cooking. A tasty piece of raw chicken would make a change, but she insists on eating it cooked, so I have to eat it that way. However being a feline gourmet, I have my special tastes and you eat with the eyes and whiskers, so they say.
      Tabby T. Cat

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  2. We have big chain pet shops where you can take you dogs and cats and other pets with you. Shopping. For food and treats. We used to take a dogs and they would sit as long as we would let them watching the birds and the hamsters and guinea pigs. Then we let them tell us which food they wanted. We used to take the cats, too. They were hilarious, especially when the cats and dogs met in the aisles with owners trying to keep them from getting into serious discussions. You could take Tabby shopping. Let her select her dinners. i’m sure she’d appreciate the excursion 🙂

    Oh, and they always have free cookies at the checkout counters.

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    • I do not think that would work in Switzerland. Basically you keep the animals outside the store. They have places with hooks for the leads and even cages. Something to do with the health laws. We used to have two cats belonging to a family that lived opposite the supermarket. They made it they territory and they would often make themselves comfortable in the restaurant where they were fed with tidbits from the customers, but they were never in the actual supermarket. Unfortunately the owners moved away and they are no longer there. Otherwise that is a super idea of taking the dogs and cats to choose their foor, but no deal in Switzerland. Too many health and safety laws. Tabby does not do excursions, she prefers to be served and stay at home where she is queen.


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