Daily Prompt: Scorched Felines?

Tabby paw

“Mrs. Human, it seems there is a mistake somewhere. The word “scorched” does not appear in my meow-human dictionary. We felines are more into the scratch pilosophy.”

“Scorch is when something is badly burnt.”

“Aha, then everything is clear. Although I avoid the sun where I can in summer and prefer to take my rest indooors and wait until evening when everything cools down. Of course, I could write quite a detailed article on the correct way to apply a claw for an effective scratch.”

“No scratches Tabby, scratches leave a mark on the huan skin and can be quite painful.”

“That depends Mrs. Human. We have warning scratches: a light swipe with the paw and claw, leaving a marked path behind on the human skin.Then we have the real angry scratches, the ones that go deep and draw blood.”

“Tabby I am sure you can spare the gory details for your readers.”

“But this is reality Mrs. Human, and I am saying it as it is. I do not burn my feline bridges behind me nor do I leave the earth unscratched. The realism is that a scratch is a defence mechanism to protect our rights.”

“But Tabby you do not have to protect anything at home.”

“Of course I do, it is part of the feline policy. A scratch now and again does no real harm , it maintains my status  and makes the point clear.”

“What is the point?”

“That I am the boss.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Scorched Felines?

One thought on “Daily Prompt: Scorched Felines?

  1. Dear Tabby, Around here, the human is the boss and we like it that way. After all, she is the most successful hunter. Every day — twice a day — there is food. We know we didn’t catch and kill it, even though she usually takes us hunting once or twice a day. I say defer to the highest-level predator. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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