Daily Feline Prompt: Aromatic Feline


“Tabby what are you doing with my perfume?”

“Mrs. Human, it is not your perfume, it is my perfume as everything here is mine. You are only allowed to use it, remember. Felines rule and humans look on.”

“Ok Tabby, so I will repeat what do you want to do with that perfume?”

“Sounds better. I was thinking just a little behind my ears might make me smell even better than I do. Walking and leaving lotus flowers after my paw steps would be even better if the lotus flowers would smell.”

“Tabby, I have not yet found any lotus flowers on the ground after your paws, just some dirt from the garden.”

“Are you insinuating that my paws are dirty.”

“No, of course not tabby, it is probably just a remainder from the lotus flowers, although I must admit I have never seen a lotus flower near your paws.”

“That is obvious Mrs. Human, only felines can see them. I must say the perfume bottle is quite paw friendly, I only have to push down on the top and look, I already smell like Yves St. Laurant.”

“Tabby Yves St. Laurant is the human that made the perfume that is why his name is on the bottle. Actually it isn’t a perfume but a deoderant.”

“Is that something better?”

“It depends. Deodorant is something you use if you are human to stop you smelling of sweat.”

“But felines do not sweat. We remain clean and a scent of lotus flowers follows us wherever we go.”

“Except for when you use your litter box.”

“Mrs. Human, your litter box is not exactly a bed of roses. Actually we felines are beyond improvement, our natural scent follows us wherever we go. I have idea. Perhaps you could spray your feet with it and you will also have lotus flowers.”

“Good idea Tabby, but it is enough when one of use deposits lotus flowers where they walk.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Aromatic Feline

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