Daily Feline Prompt: Ilicit is the Feline


“Tabby what’s that smell?”

“I cannot smell anything, perhaps it’s the hard vitamin pellets in my food bowl in the corner.”

“No Tabby, vitamin pellets do not smell, that is why I orgnise them for you.”

“And that is why they are the most uninteresting food for a feline. We like our food to breathe, to live, to have oomph. Vitamin Pellets are dull and boring and certainly do not tease my taste buds. You are slowly starving me Mrs. Human.”

“Definitely not, your bowl is always full.”

“Of course it is, because of the appetite killers you fill it with.”

“So what is that smell?”

“I don’t know Mrs. Human. Why do you ask me? I have done nothing wrong.”

“Yes Tabby, you never do anything wrong. There is a distinct whiff of something that the feline brought home.”

“I do not bring things home, unless I want to keep it for later.”

“Have you found something.”

“I never find anything worth bringing home, although there was a small accident this morning.”

“An Accident?”

“Yes, one of those sparrows fell from the  tree in the garden. I think it lost its balance due to a problem with eating too much food and being to heavy for the twig it was sitting on which broke. I, of course, went to the rescue.”

“You rescued a sparrow.?”

“Of course, I am a bird lover. I just thought I would keep it nice and warm in my bed for later. Look how sweet fat, fluffy and tasty it is.”

“Tabby let it go. Birds are not a meal on wings for you.”

“But I thought I was doing the right thing?”

“Definitely you were, but only for your own purpose. I do not think the sparrow is happy about it, so let it go.”

“But I am condemned to a bowl of vitamine pellets this evening and that is not very nice.”

“And eating sparrows is also not very nice.”

“But tuna fish is??”

“Yes Tabby, ok, you get tuna fish this evening.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Ilicit is the Feline

2 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Ilicit is the Feline

    • Meow Dusty
      We felines like to plan our logistics. I was keeping the sparrow warm for later. You do not get a delicacy like that every day. If Mrs. Human did not constantly feed them, they would not have such weight problems with keeping their balance on the branches.
      Make the most of what you get I meow – Tabby T. Cat

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