The Daily Feline Prompt: A sated feline

It will soon be catmas and I am now making a list
Of things to eat of course, I want to have a feast
For the entrée I will take tuna, I always like some fish
Mrs. Human garnishes it with catmint to make a tasty dish
I will follow it up with meat, there are chickens on the farm
I do not want white meat or dark, I eat it all keeping quite calm
We also have some geese, so I would love to have foie gras
It would not be a problem, they do not live very far
What did you say Mrs. Human? “Vitamin pellets would be very fine”
I was thinking of something special, for my Christmas meal to dine
And so I have taken my pawpad and ordered my special choice
Mrs. Human pays for all, her credit card is my voice
I wonder if caviar with tartar would be too much to get
Of course not I am a feline, I am special and Mrs. Human is my pet
I have also found a gift, it will be in a wonderful wrap
Something I always wanted, a diamond encrusted cat flap.

The Daily Feline Prompt: A sated feline

8 thoughts on “The Daily Feline Prompt: A sated feline

    • Dogs are probably not as fussy as felines. Tabby always has a good sniff at something before she actually eats it. There are some items, (goulasch?) that I have to pre-chew for her before she will eat it.


    • Meow Dusty
      Never ask why. The mechanism of a human brain is difficult to fathom. Just accept without questioning and keep your paws crossed that it will happen again. Perhaps your human has got the dogmas spirit.
      Tabby T. Cat

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