Daily Prompt: The Feline pungent test


“What’s that?”

“It is a piece of Mr. Human’s lemon tart. I must have dropped it.”

“What do you do with it? Can you kill it and eat it?”

“It never lived Tabby, so you cannot kill it and I don’t think that felines eat it.”

“You eat food that you cannot kill Mrs. Human – another strange feature of the human anatomy. If you want to eat something you must ensure that it no longer moves or breathes. How can you eat something that does neither, that must be a strange example of food. It is not even moving, dead before it even had a chance. What is its history?”

“It does not have a history Tabby, Mr. Human made it.”

“He creates dead things?”

“No Tabby, he makes them with various ingredients like eggs, milk and sugar with lemon juice.”

“There you have it, he is an alchemist.  I will have to correct the quote from the great feline scientist Paws Paracelsus to state that  “Medicine rests upon four pillars – philosophy, astronomy, alchemy, and Mr. Human’s lemon tart”.

“Not quite Tabby, he had the recipe from me.”

“Then you created life from dead matter in the form of a lemon tart orginally.”

“I did not create any sort of life, because it was all dead in the first place.”

“Which all reverts to the old feline philosopy of a discussion about what came first: the kitten or the feline.”

“No Tabby, you are confusing something with your feline sense of wisdom”

“Felines do not confuse, we organise. In any case I do not like that lemon tart, it is dead, has no interest for me. It does not even want to be killed. Now I have to sleep and poinder on the origin of the feline species and the lemon tart. I don’t think I will eat it in any case, it has a rather pungent smell.”

“Yes, Tabby, a good idea, this conversation is getting just a little too complicated for a mere human like me.”

Daily Prompt: The Feline pungent test

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