Daily Feline Prompt: Don’t touch my whiskers


“Mrs. Human, I don’t remember being asked to give┬ámy specific permission to put that photo on my blog site.”

“But Tabby I was sure it would be OK.”

“You cannot just shoot photos of me because you are sure it is OK. It is not OK. I like to pose for the photos that everyone sees, showing my perfection. This is a side view, and my profile is not always best from the right side. I have less whiskers on that side.”

“I did not realise that it was so important.”

“Meaning that photo will do for a Tabby blog. My Blogs are sacred, they show the essence of being feline. You cannot just do a feline selfie of me and think that will do.”

“But it is not very often that you actually pose for a photo Tabby. You never look at the camera and I found your profile is very intersting.”

“Oh, you think so. Yes I suppose I do look rather pensive and studious. Ok, I will let it go this time, but in future ask. I did not even have time for a lick before you took the photo, my fur behind the ears is not as well-groomed as usual. I had just awoken from my beauty sleep and had no time for a grooming session. What will my fans think of me?”

“You have fans?”

“Of course, I examine my blog statistics daily and every day there are more, so I cannot afford to disappoint them. We could have a portrait session later. I will first of all have a restful sleep and afterwards a fur lick. Perhaps I could have my fur balls in the photo as well, that would make an impression on my followers”

“Yes Tabby, it definately would, but it might not be a good impression. We do not want to make the fans jealous of your wonderful fur balls. Not every feline produces such perfect fur balls.”

“That’s true. OK, just a plain portrait from the front and the left side. I will just have to manicure my claws first of all.”

“But no-one will see your claws Tabby.”

“Of coure not, but it is the internal values that are important.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Don’t touch my whiskers”