Daily Feline Prompt: Don’t touch my whiskers


“Mrs. Human, I don’t remember being asked to give my specific permission to put that photo on my blog site.”

“But Tabby I was sure it would be OK.”

“You cannot just shoot photos of me because you are sure it is OK. It is not OK. I like to pose for the photos that everyone sees, showing my perfection. This is a side view, and my profile is not always best from the right side. I have less whiskers on that side.”

“I did not realise that it was so important.”

“Meaning that photo will do for a Tabby blog. My Blogs are sacred, they show the essence of being feline. You cannot just do a feline selfie of me and think that will do.”

“But it is not very often that you actually pose for a photo Tabby. You never look at the camera and I found your profile is very intersting.”

“Oh, you think so. Yes I suppose I do look rather pensive and studious. Ok, I will let it go this time, but in future ask. I did not even have time for a lick before you took the photo, my fur behind the ears is not as well-groomed as usual. I had just awoken from my beauty sleep and had no time for a grooming session. What will my fans think of me?”

“You have fans?”

“Of course, I examine my blog statistics daily and every day there are more, so I cannot afford to disappoint them. We could have a portrait session later. I will first of all have a restful sleep and afterwards a fur lick. Perhaps I could have my fur balls in the photo as well, that would make an impression on my followers”

“Yes Tabby, it definately would, but it might not be a good impression. We do not want to make the fans jealous of your wonderful fur balls. Not every feline produces such perfect fur balls.”

“That’s true. OK, just a plain portrait from the front and the left side. I will just have to manicure my claws first of all.”

“But no-one will see your claws Tabby.”

“Of coure not, but it is the internal values that are important.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Don’t touch my whiskers”

9 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Don’t touch my whiskers

      • Dear Tabby, To my understanding, Garfield is only interested in lasagna. You might want to broaden your horizons. Maybe you could join an online cat dating service and find someone more likely to notice you and less likely to fall into a pan of cheese, pasta and sauce. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog


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