Daily Feline Prompt: Martyred Felines


“Tabby, tired?”

“I am meditating Mrs. Human.”

“About something interesting`”

“Just a feline problem. If you must know, myartyrdom.”

“I thought you have to be dead to become a martyr.”

“That is the feline problem Mrs. Human. Having 9 lives means that we have to surive 9 matyrdoms until we reach our tenth life in the eternal corn chambers where we have an eternal supply of mice, all being matyred by felines.”

“Sounds very complicated Tabby.”

“Yes it is, that is why I have to meditate about it all, organise my martyred existence. I think I have the first martyrdom behind me, although I did not really lose a life, just made me realise that there are times when lives are just not worth living.”

“Oh, that sounds very serious. What happened.”

“I was given vitamin pellets to eat, and I became a martyr.”

“But they are healthy and you are still alive.”

“That is the problem. I am meditating about why I am still alive, becaue vitamin pellets are an insult to the feline way of life.”

“That is because they are good for you Tabby. No feline ever lost a life by eating vitamin pellets.”

“Talking of life Mrs. Human, I heard somewhere that today is your birthday, so I have a gift for you.”

“For me Tabby, how sweet, I never ¬†expected anything from you.”

“Of course you did not expect anything from me, I did not intend giving you anything, “give” doe not exist in meow. However, I have made an exception. I even wrapped it in some of that paper I like to play with in the human recycling room. You know the one that arrives in rolls and I can pull, until it covers the floor.”

“You mean toilet paper.”

“Yes, that is the human word for it, but it was all I had.”

“It looks very interesting Tabby, like a ball of something. Oh, yes well, thankyou.”

“It is a very personal gift Mrs.Human. My last fur ball produced yesterday evening. I thought you would like to have one for your bedside table. It is made of your favourite vitamin pellets, with some grass mixed in to enhance the colour, although we felines do not see colours. See how thoughtful I am. You do not seem vey happy about my gift.”

“Oh, of coure I am Tabby: something personal is always to be treasured.”

“Perhaps you would like another one, then you could have one on each side of your bedside table.”

“No thankyou Tabby, I do not want to put you to too much touble, I am sure this furball gave you a lot of work to do.”

“Well, it did, shall I tell you how I made it.”

“No, that’s OK Tabby, I like my gifts to be rare and unique.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Martyred Felines