Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Treasure


“Tabby, you will have to change your sleeping place. That chair belongs to my No. 1 son and he will need it when he returns.”

“I also need it Mrs. Human. It is actually my chair. You are again being absent minded. Everything here belong to me. It is only with my express permission that I allow you to use it. Your overgrown kitten can wait until I decide to go somewhere else to sleep. At the moment he is not here.”

“Tabby you cannot just take possession of something because you want to sleep there.”

“I am not taking possession of anything, it is mine. You cannot possess something you already own. And come away from the window. You are blocking my view of the wall.”

“But it is just a wall.”

“You might think so, but a wall is not always a wall. If you had spent as much time as I have watching walls, you would realise the value of a wall. Hands off my fur ball collection.”

“I only wanted to put them outside on the patio, they are beginning to smell.”

“My fur balls do not smell, at least not when they are fresh.*

“But these have been in your room for at least a week.”

“They mature with time, Mr. Human, consider them similar to a bottle of human wine. The older it gets, the more the flavour develops. But come to think of it, they have begun to smell. I will immdeiately manufacture some new fresh furballs to replace them.*

“Good, then I will throw them in the garbage.”

“You will not throw them anywhere. I will perform a ceremonial burial in the garden. They are part of me, my treasures. And now you may refresh my sleepling place.”

“Which one Tabby, you have so many.”

“Do not ask silly questions, all of them of course. I have not yet decided which one is to be today’s sleeping place. Perhaps I might visit them all. There are 23 sleeping hours in a day and I cannot afford to neglect them. You may begin ¬†with the cushion on top of the cupboard. Do not forget to clean the frame of my Garfield photo, it has paw marks.”

“Of course Tabby, anything else? Oh, she is now sleeping. Poor little Tabby leads such an exhausting life.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Treasure