Daily Feline Prompt: Mystical Felines

Tabby Christmas

“You are looking very festive today Tabby.”

“Mrs. Human, it will soon be Catmas and I have various preparations to make. I am still writing my Christmas Wish list. Do you want to see it?”

“Not really Tabby, that is something between you and Santa Cat.”

“No, Mrs.Human. Santa Cat does not exist, it is only a story we tell the kittens to explain why humans get trees, and wrap things up in paper. As the kittens grow up they realised that these things are just new gymastic exercises for growing felines, to help us keep fit. Mrs. Human, where is your tree, I love climbing trees at home and playing with those nice colour glass things you hang on the tree.”

“Yes, Tabby, that is one of the reasons why I do not have a tree, because under your paws it would not live long.”

“But you can wrap things in paper, I would be only to glad to help unpack Mr. Human.”

“No wrapping tabby, Santa Claus no longer visits us. The last time he came you hung onto his beard with your claws an he was no happy.”

“That was because he was a human. When Santa Cat arrives, it is different. You must leave an opened tin of tuna fish in the living room as a welcome present.”

“But I thought only kittens believed in Santa Cat.”

“Just to be on the safe side Mrs. Human. I am sure the tuna fish will not be wasted.”

“So am I Tabby.”

“And you do not have to bother about wrapping my gifts in paper, it gets too complicated for me to tear the paper off. Diamond studied cat flaps ae too big anyhow to wrap up. Also my nice new furlined bed, preferable in genuine mink – it i much softer.”

“And who is paying for all these wonderful catmas presents.?”

“No problem Mrs. Human, it has all been taken care of with your Credit Card. Amazon Whiskers Inc. have everything, You even get a 20% rebete on the caviar tins.”

“How considerate Tabby, then I do not have to bother with running around the shops oganising your Christmas gifts.”

“Don’t mention it Mr. Human, I am always happy to be of assistance.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Mystical Felines