Daily Feline Prompt: The Fleeing Feline


“I’m leaving Mrs. Human.”

“That sounds very decisive Tabby. Is there a reason?”

“There are many. Vitamin pellets, no diamond studded cat flap, and today I saw a letter from the Vet with a new appointment for next year.”

“Vitamin pellets are healthy and good for you, keeps you away from vet visits and you do not need a diamond studded cat flap. It is exactly the same as the cat flap you have, but much more expensive. As for the vet appointment. that is for next year in January and is for your own benefit. You have to have jabs once a year to keep you healthy and fit.”

“If you really loved me, you would give me the diamond studied cat flap without any remorse, you would shower me with gifts.”

“Tabby, I thought “love” did not exist in meow.”

“Of course it does, when I want it to.”

“And I was thinking about  a dish or two or tuna fish for your next meal. I even have some roast beef for tea and there would be enough for you as well.”


“You mean like “roast beef” in cow, nice and tender and slightly red in the middle, like done rare, with no burnt bits on the outside.”

“Yes, of course, it is quite juicy and very tasty. Of course, if you prefer to leave and flee from the bad treatment you are getting here, I can understand. I know that every feline should have a diamond studied cat flap. I can only offer roast beef and tuna fish, which is no comparison.”


“Mrs. Human, open the window, I have changed my mind. I will stay for the evening until tomorrow to judge the situation.”

“Oh, I am so glad Tabby.”

“No problem Mrs. Human. Did you say the vet appoitment is next year.”

“Yes Tabby.”

“Ok I will think about it and until then I will stay. Give me a tummy tickle and freshen up one of my sleeping cushions. I will sleep over it. When is the next meal.”

“In about a human hour.”

“Ok, I will set my catphone to wake me then. And you can prepre it already. I like my roast beef  to be room temperature and not direct from the fridge.”

“Of course Tabby. Anything else you would like? Oh, she is already sleeping. Then I will have to be quiet, I do not want to disturb her when I open the tin of tuna. She gets so excited.”

Daily Feline Prompt: The Fleeing Feline