Daily Feline Prompt: The Bespoked Feline

cats pn adverts

“No Mrs. Human, I am not dressing up just for a blog idea, forget it. I am a perfect Tabby feline with the Macdonalds “M” on my forehead and you are not going to put me in any sort of human clothing.”

“No worry, Tabby, I just thought how sweet that feline looked in a shirt. It is only an advertisement. I even have a catalogue with various clothing pieces for felines. You would look so sweet in a dress with a white fur collar and a lace around the legs. ”

“Forget it, I would be the laughig stock of the loal feline brigade.”

“How would be be with a t-shirt with a picture of Garfield.”

“Now that would be an idea. Is the picture on the back, so that everyone could see it when I wear it.”

“Of course Tabby, it is especially designed with felines in mind. It even has the name “Garfield” at the side. They have them in pink and pale blue.”

“What about black?”

“Yes, but black is not a very nice colour, it does not look so pretty.”

“I don’t want to be pretty. I want black, it is more my colour. Goth fashion is in, and my g-g-g-g-grandmother that was burnt with her witch would be proud of me.”

“You had a g-g-g-g-g-grandmother that had a witch as a partner.”

“Yes, she was the black cat of the family, and my mum said we should not talk about her, in case she decided to return and pass a few curses on us.”

“Oh, that doesn’t sound very good, Then perhaps I will order a white feline Garfield t-shirt to be on the safe side.”

“No good Mrs. Human, we did not have and angel felines in the family. No I want black, in memory of Morticia, that was her name. She did not joint Bastet in the eternal corn chambers, but someone had to take care of the felines that got the minus lives.”

“Minus lives?”

“It is the feline doctrine. Not everyone gets an extra life. Some of us get minus lives.”

“Sounds very complicated.”

“Not really, it is quite simple, it is all part of feline science. but let us not forget  “The first step to eternal life is you have to die” as the wise feline write Tiddles Palahniuk said.”


“Forget it Mrs. Human, I can see this conversation is again too deep for your simple human thoughts. Just remember to order size medium in black.”

Daily Feline Prompt: The Bespoked Feline

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