Dailly Feline Prompt: A Feline Conundrum

“Tabby, that is a very good portrait of you, but I did not take it. Did you visit a professional feline photographer?”

“Of course not Mrs. Human, that is my first “catty”.”

“Your first what?”

“Catty. Your telephone was laying around so I decided to do a catty of myself. It is quite easy, you just have to paw around with the touch screen and touch screens are very paw friendly . Just a swipe and I have a photo. I did it all by myself.  I could reach out with my paw and press the button and there we have my first catty.*”

“We call them selfies Tabby.”

“Typical human, everything is self with a human. We felines have cattys because we share.”

“Since when. I though share did not exist in meow.”

“Only now and again if it is something I want. Unforuntely the photo was not as perfect as it should have been. There is a print on the right hand side of my tongue.”

“You put it my telephone in your mouth?”

“I had to hold it somehow whilst taking the photo, and I managed to clamp it between my teeth quite well.”

“But Tabby I now have teeth marks on my telephone.”

“Of course, I have sharp teeth. You can be glad I did not have a bad accident, my teeth almost punctured the glass, I could have set myself on fire.”

“What about my telephone, it now has scratch and tooth marks on the surface and there is a strange stain across the screen.”

“They are trade accidents Mrs. Human. The strange stain is from my tongue, I had been chewing on those indigestible hard vitamin pellets before I took the photo. If it had been tasty tuna fish, it would not have happened. In future I have decided I will take my own photos. They are more natural and I can pose much better. I am looking very thoughtful on that photo. Yes, definitely. I noticed your iPhone is only model 6. There is a new model, type 7 and I read on my pawpad that the photo quality is better. I think I should have my own phone. Catmas is only two weeks away, that would be a perfect present.”

“I am sure it would be Tabby, but you cannot have a diamond studded cat flap and a telehone, you will have to choose.”

“Yes, that is a problem, I will have to sleep on it. In the meanwhile I will practice with your mobile phone.”



“Forget it.”

Dailly Feline Prompt: A Feline Conundrum

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