Daily Feline Promt: The Feline Folley


“Look Mrs. Human, a new catty.”

“Tabby I told you yesterday to stop playing with my mobile phone. All those paw and teeth marks on the phone are not very good.”

“Perhaps you should get a new one, one of the better models. I find the photos are quite good, but I am sure a new phone would be an improvement.

Look, I can also do a greeny-bluey selfie.”

“Yes Tabby, great. I though you were colour blind.”

“I am, but I was sure that if I chose a different photo it would be something in colour. Do they make these phones for felines as well, with paw friendly keyboards and a feline colour scale?”

“No Tabby, they are only available for human use. Otherwise they would have to make them with reinforced glass for paw protection.”

“But I saw something on Internet on my pawpad about a selfie stick. Do they do catty sticks.”

“You do not need a catty stick Tabby, how would you be able to hold it?”

“Now that is no problem Mrs. Human. You could attach it to my collar and then the camera would be suspended in front of my face. I could then take a great photo showing my Macdonald “M” on my forehead. I could even smile for the photo. Think of the possibilities.”

“I am that is why you are not having a catty stick. I though smile did not exist in meow.”

“Mrs. Human for a catty we allow everything. I have already had a paw message on my iPad. They want me to sign up for a catty a day with PawBook. Imagine how Tiddles, Butch and my other online friends would be jealous when they would see a photo of me every day. Can you do films with this mobile telephone thing as well.”

“No, Tabby, that does not come into the question, you are not doing films with my telephone.”

“But you could attach it to my collar and I would take a walk filming everything I see. Imagine the sensation when everyone in Pawbook sees me creating a furball, or marking secret places.”

“Forget it Tabby. Such films are not allowed for showing to others.”


“Because they are not very nice.”

“Of course they are, I could perhaps take a close-up photo of a furball.”

“Not with my mobile phone Tabby.”

“I promise I would lick it clean afterwards.”

“Exactly, so let us forget the whole idea.”

“But it will soon be catmas.”

“Yes Tabby, I know. Go and nibble some hard, dry vitamine pellets in the meanwhile.”


The Feline Folly