Daily Feline Prompt: A Maddening Feline


“Tabby, did you fabricate that hairball on my desk?”

“Who me, was it a symmetrical aesthetic furball? They it would probably be mine. I only produce furballs in the state of the art, something original, unique. Was it on your desk?”

“Yes it was as a matter of fact. I discovered it in time, before I put my computer on it and squashed it flat and Mr. Human cleared it away.”

“I am glad to found it in time, it would be a tragedy for such a unique piece of art to be squashed by a computer.”

“Actually I was thinking it would not have been very good if my computer had traces of hairball on the surface.”

“And where is this work of art now Mrs. Human?”

“It is now in the garbage can where it belongs Tabby.”

“Oh, no, that was Jeremy and now he is amongst the rubbis.”

“Your furballs have names?”

“Yes of course, humans also give names to objects. They even name storms and whirlwinds with names, according to the alphabet, but we felines invented the idea. It stands in the book of Bastet, verse 93: All furballs shall be named, that their existence shall be preserved and entered into the furball list”. And now you have murdered my fur ball, destroyed it. Mrs. Human have a look in the garbage, it might still be breathing.”

“Are you trying to tell me that furballs are living things.”

“Of course they are, at least they are for me.”

“I can see your furball in the garbage can, but it does not seem to be breathing.”

“In that case you can give it to me. I will at least give Jeremy a ceremonial burial in the garden.”

“It’s name is Jeremy?”

“Yes, I am now to “J” in the human alphabet. it would be different were it in Meow. We do not give them names in Meow, but status. It would be a furball of the 10th meow.”

“Would you like a box for your fuball to bury it in.”

“A box? It is a furball Mrs. Human, a feline creation. We prefer to return things back to where they originated without boxes. And now, what’s for dinner.”

“You are hungry?”

“Of course I am. Furball manufacture¬†is exhausting and we use up many calories to produce them. The best way to refurbish my lost energy would be a bowl of tuna fish, matured in its own juice and garnished with a pinch of tarragon. You know we felines also eat with the eye and whiskers.”

“Oh, you poor exchausted furball creator. Of course Tabby, at once. But bury that furball first of all.”

“But first of all we must hold a few minutes of silene in rememberence of Jeremy Mrs. Human.”

Daily Feline Prompt: A Maddening Feline