Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Fishing

tuna fish

Tabby here, Mrs. Human is sleeping, how inconsiderate.

I do hope Mrs. Human reads my message that I sent her via my pawpad.  She does nothing all day except for cleaning human places, washing clothes and cooking. She should really organise her own human to do all this work, but as she is human, her intelligence is on the lowest level, and humans are there to serve, of course. I mean if she had a nice rough tongue, and a fur coat she would not need to wash clothes, she could just have a good lick now and again. She even has opposable thumbs that can use a tin opener.Yes, humans are not very self-suffient. Probably a construction mistake in their blueprints.

I really do not know why she sleeps so much, all night and sometimes during the day, when she has nothing to do. Just emptying my litter tray and opening tins of tuna fish is really no work and being there to fulfil my wishes. Oh, my message? Yes I noticed that the local supermarket has a special offer for tuna fish, so I placed an order, using her credit card, and the goods are now ready to be picked up, see photo. You see how I save her the hard logistic work of organisation. Many humans would be pleased to have such a considerate and thoughtful feline to take care of, as I am, but she is never thankful. Always complaining that I only think of I, me and myself, as if? Now and again I spare a thought for Mrs. Human. Has she remembered to fulfil all my wishes and will my food bowl always be filled with fish? Now and again she makes a mistake (she is human) and feeds me hard vitamin pellets, but i am working on that one.

So I must go now, have a few hours sleep to catch up on, have only managed 10 hours today and there are another 13 to work on – oh the stress of a feline life. I really have to concentrate all my work into one hour, searching for a new sleeping place, eating and drinking. I have to fit licking sessions in between. A feline life is not an easy life.

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Fishing