Daily Feline Prompt: Moody Feline


“Mrs Human, I am bored, do not know what to do.”

“Well, that’s is something new Tabby, you always seem to have something to do. You could perhaps take a sleep. You must be tired if you have to yawn like that.”

“I am not tired Mrs. Human, just exercising my jaw muscles. As a feline always be prepared, you never know if a bird delicacy might fly past.”

“No birds Tabby, I do not feed them to make them nice and fat for your dinner.”

“You see, all the pleasures in my feline life are denied.”

“You could go and play with a ball. I could throw it and you can chase it and see if you can catch it.”

“Am I a circus performer? Defeinitely not Mrs. Human, balls are for kitteens, not for felines of my status.”

“Then I cannot help you Tabby, nothing seems to be good enough at the moment, you are in a bad mood.”

“In a what? Felines do not have moods, just when we want to, we are always well balanced. Our intelligence is on such a high level, that humans often have problems understanding our needs. I have the solution to my bad mood Mrs. Human, a bowl of tuna fish.”

“No Tabby, today tuna fish is not on the menu and I am not in the mood to serve tuna fish.”

“I think we have to clarify something here Mrs. Human. Felines have moods to be resepcted at all times. Humans have moods to be ignored by felines if they contradict the feline mood. Your mood is not agreeable to my mood at the moment Mrs. Human, so it will be tuna fish to put me in a better mood and relieve my boredom. Understoood?”

“Of course Tabby, and how would you like your garnish.”

“I think this time just plain, I am not in the mood for meow supplements on my tuna fish.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Moody Feline