Daily Feline Prompt: Relaxing Feline


I am resting my eyes, I must take a break
Life is full of stress, I cannot stay awake
I have so much to do, but have no time to think
I must find time to wash and have something to drink
I do not sleep enough, I am a tired heap
I need an hour more ,to find somewhere to sleep
In between I must eat, yes life is such a stress
Felines have nine hard lives, and my fur is such a mess
The time I spend on grooming, watching birds and hunting mice
I am feeling so stressed out, yes  I have to pay my price
And now I must run, I have no time to lose,
The situation is urgent, this life gives me the blues
I can hear the sound of a tin, someone is filling my dish
Suddenly I am awake, I am getting tuna fish.

Daily Feline Prompt: Relaxing Feline