Daily Prompt: Feline Fortune


“Now let’s see. 1, 2, 3, 4……”

“Tabby what are you doing?”

“I am stock taking. I have to organise my benefit system, as it seems to be you are being quite forgetful lately. There are only 4 tins of tuna fish in the cupboard, and they are the economy size. Imagine if there is a national catastrophe, then I will not survive on 4 meagre tins of tuna fish. Write it on your shopping list, 10 mega size tins of tuna fish.”

“But Tabby there will not be a national catastrophe with tuna fish, they are imported and come from another country.”

“All the more reason Mrs. Human. What if the other country decides to keep the tuna fish in their own country. You should really be prepared for a worst case scenery.”

“No panic Tabby, I still have a 10 Kg bag of vitamin pellets.”

“Oh, big deal. The feline population have problems, but Mr. Human will rescue everyone with a bag of vitamin pellets.”

“Tabby, not so ironic, you can be glad that I am prepared for emergency situations.”

“Ok, in that case we have 4 silly tins of tuna fish and 10 Kg of hard indigestable vitamin pellets. And now for my private stuff. Let me see, 6 hairballs of best quality and size and 3 hairballs of inferior quality.”

“Just a moment Tabby, you are not keeping those disgusting hair balls next to that photo of Garfield with the pawprint.”

“Why not, they mean as much to me as the Garfield photo. I invested energy and care into those hairballs. Each one means something to me. And now to the water bowls. 2 water bowls, one room temperature and the second outside temperature. Yes, I think that will do, although Mrs. Human I have just noticed something.”

“What have you noticed Tabby?”

“I do not possess a lot.”

“You have forgotten your Pawpad.”

“Of course. And my new Paw telephone so that I can take my own “cattys”.

“You do not have a Paw telephone.”

“Not yet, but I ordered one yesterday online.”

“But they cost money.”

“Yes they are quite expensive, especially as I ordered a nice paw friendly cover in wire mesh to make it easier to hold, and a catty stick for long distance photos. It is no problem Mrs. Human, your credit card was accepted without any difficulty. Your credit is still good.”

“But not much longer if you are buying luxuries all of the time.”

“They are not luxuries, but necessities. You can now file my stock taking list on your computer under “No 4 Life”. There might be some additions from time to time. I need organisation in my logistics. That was tiring work, I will now take a rest to recover.”

“No. 4 Life?”

“I am just organising Mrs. Human. You have to organise yourself, especially if you have 9 lives to take care of.”

Daily Prompt: Feline Fortune