Daily Feline Prompt: Calm Feline


I am cool, I am calm, and I want to sleep
So leave me alone, my peace I will keep
Do not bother me now with things to do
I have other problemsĀ and thoughts to brew
There are birds outside, they are laughing at me
But first I must sleep before climbing a tree
I suppose I could wash, to keep myself clean,
But I am not dirty, and my fur has a sheen
Shall I search for a mouse, I can see him on a lurk
No, I do not think I will, would be too much work
So let’s have a purr and meditate more
I could leave my home, I must open the door
Oh the problems of a feline to follow the rule
But I really do my best and try to stay cool
I am a calming influence, do not believe in stress
I mostly say no, but sometimes say yes
I must pull myself together, to fulfil my only wish
I hear the tin opener, a dish of tuna fish

Daily Feline Prompt: Calm Feline