Daily Feline Prompt: Calm Feline


I am cool, I am calm, and I want to sleep
So leave me alone, my peace I will keep
Do not bother me now with things to do
I have other problemsĀ and thoughts to brew
There are birds outside, they are laughing at me
But first I must sleep before climbing a tree
I suppose I could wash, to keep myself clean,
But I am not dirty, and my fur has a sheen
Shall I search for a mouse, I can see him on a lurk
No, I do not think I will, would be too much work
So let’s have a purr and meditate more
I could leave my home, I must open the door
Oh the problems of a feline to follow the rule
But I really do my best and try to stay cool
I am a calming influence, do not believe in stress
I mostly say no, but sometimes say yes
I must pull myself together, to fulfil my only wish
I hear the tin opener, a dish of tuna fish

Daily Feline Prompt: Calm Feline

8 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Calm Feline

  1. Today it is snowing, the air heavy and gray
    My sister is hoping we’ll go outside to play
    Bear is not calm. How could she be?
    The way she loves snow is something to see.
    I, however, am not such a mess
    When it comes to snow, I couldn’t care less.

    Yours forever in catteral and doggerel, Dusty T. Dog

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    • I once had three cats, but they passed on and now there is only Tabby, although she is doing very well for her 14 years. You just have to love cats, even if they are selfish and bossy and do their own thing.


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