Daily Feline Prompt: A Bounty of birds for Catmas


“What is so interesting Tabby?”

“Look Mrs. Human, breakfast, dinner and tea with a snack in between, which one shall I pick first.”

Sparrows16.12 (35)

“Tabby, leave those sparrows alone. they are busy drinking water.”

“Yes, from my bowl, no respect for me.”

“You were drinking from your bowl inside and I did not find any harm in letting the sparrows have a drink outside.”

“But it it my bowl. On the other paw, I can now decide which one to eat first of all for my Catmas dinner.”

“No Tabby, they are not for a feline Catmas feast.”

“But you eat turkey sometimes for Christmas, so what is the difference?”

“Of course there is a difference. Turkey is a human tradition at Chrismas.”

“And where do your turkeys come from.”

“I suppose they are specially reared for the Christmas season.”

“And you find that being kind to turkeys? At least my sparrows have a chance to put up a fight until I eat them.”

“You are not turning my back yard into a sparrow cemetary Tabby.”

“No problem Mrs. Human, I will chew on the bones, so there will be no remainder. You throw the turkey bones away I noticed.”

“There is no turkey this year Tabby, and there will be no sparrows either.”

“So what am I getting for my Catmas meal?”

“I though I would open a tin of tuna fish”

“With catnip as a side dish.”

“OK, Tabby, of course for a bountiful catmas feast.”

Daily Feline Prompt: A Bounty of birds for Catmas