Daily Feline Prompt: Festive Feline


“Going out Tabby?”

“I am thinking about it, on the other paw it is not really so inviting. There is no action and no birds. Is this Christmas thing now finished, can we get back to a normal feline-human relationship where your time is entirely devoted to me and my needs, or do I still have to indulge in your effort at decorating my food bowl with a holly twig? I do not like holly, it has sharp edges.”

“Oh, sorry Tabby, I thought it would put you in a festive mood.”

“Huh, “festive” does not exist in meow. Can you eat it.”

“Not really Tabby, but it might mean that you get tuna fish to celebrate the occasion.”

“Oh, I see, then I will make a suggestion to Bastet that the word will be included in the meow dictionary, having the meaning as “festive=tuna fish celebration”. Yes, I am sure that would be a success amogst the learned felines as myself.”

“No Tabby, you have got the wrong end of the meaning. It does not mean “tuna fish celebration”, it would mean that you would be happy and celebrating.”

“In that case I will cancel the idea, “happy” is anti meow.”

“Our Christmas is only finished the day after tomorrow Tabby, so we have another day to celebrate.”

“Catmas finished yesterday.”

“That was a short festive occasion.”

“We now have Feline Moon feast.”

“Oh, I have never herd of that. How long is it.”

“Until we decide it is finished, but usually all year until Catmas. We have to fill in the days somehow, and meowing at the moon is worthwhile.”

“But it is not always such a large moon.”

“Who cares, big moon-big meows, new moon-new meows and in between we have the normal meows. Yes, we felines are a festive folk.”

“I thought you was striking “festive” from the meow dictionary.”

“I changed my mind, it might come in useful.”

“It seems to me you are always changing your mind.”

“Yes, it’s a feline thing, humans will never understand it, but lower forms of life have problems with a super intelligence as ours”

Daily Feline Prompt: Festive Feline

5 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Festive Feline

  1. Back in Israel, we had a cockatoo … and a Siamese cat — and she had a little of Siamese kittens thanks to a friend who had a matching boy. We always gave the kitties away to good homes, but of course they were with us for at least 10 weeks while they got sturdy enough to live without mom.

    The bird cage and the parrot — and sometimes, the parrot was on, rather than in, the cage — was a matter of absolute total obsession for all the cats. Every one of them. And it made that parrot damned nervous, too. Because if a cockatoo — not the biggest parrot in the world, but possibly the noisiest and most destructive — gets nervous, scared, or angry at a little pussy cat, OUCH. An upset Amazon parrot almost removed one of my fingers at the knuckle. He apologized, but it was weeks before I could use my hand. it was my fault, really. I didn’t explain properly that I was just trying to fix his perch, but he felt threatened and I got bitten.

    I was sure the kittens talked at night and tried to organize a combined attack — surround the cage — and I was pretty sure the bird might lose a few feathers, but the kittens would fare worse. I finally gave the bird to a friend who was a bird whisperer and the kittens moved on. But living with bird and multiple cats? T’was a thriller every minute!

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    • When I look out of the window at 8.00 a.m.I can see three mega crows with their beaks stuffed full of bread trophies, 2 elster that are waiting int he side lines for the crows to leave, and a tree full of sparrows that make quick excursions to the bird feeder now and again, or settle for the alternative seed menu on the ground. In the meanwhile, Roschti, the neighbour’s cat has made a water stop outside for a drink – I always have a bowl of fresh water ready. And Tabby – no way, she is still sleeping – I have not even seen her this morning, but I suppose she is here.Mr. Swiss said she has already been out for a couple of minutes, but changed her mind and returned. My son’s boss has a cockatoo which he brings to work. Either he sits in his cage or perches on someone’s shoulders. He also sits on the benches in the factory. He is now an older bird, and no longer sees so well. I noticed he is also quite a recycling machines, and it is always a good idea to have a paper in your pocket to wipe it away.
      I am glad that Tabby tends to ignore the crows and magpies, I do not think she would stand a survival chance they would probably fly off with her in their beaks if she got too close.


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