Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Retreat


“Mrs. Human, are you ready with your opposable thumbs on the keyboard?”

“Yes, Tabby, you can begin to dictate.”

“So here I am again, meow to all and I hope your catmas stress is now over and you can concentrate on my words of wisdom. Do I have a retreat? Of course, I am permanently in danger of attacks from unknown felines who want to conquer my territorial rights, but I am brave and withstand their efforts. I do not retreat, I¬†fight and make my way in this jungle of agressions.”

“Er Tabby, don’t you think you are overdoing it a little.”

“Mrs. Human I never overdo anything. Just concentrate on what I say.”

“But you always retreat through the cat flap if a feline invades your territory.”

“I do not, that is just coincidence. I would have entered my home for a personal reason in any case. And now continue. Do not forget that our great leader Pawski Joseph Stalin said “In the feline¬†army it takes more courage to retreat than advance” and that is one of the principles of my feline life. I enter the cat flap because I know it is a far, far better thing to paw then I have ever pawed.”

“Tabby you stole those words from Charles Dickens.”

“I did not, I wrote them myself. I was inspired after reading “A Tale of Two Felines”. The feline that survived escaped through the cat flap and the other is still running from the dog.

And to continue. There is no better retreat when you have a full bowl of tuna fish, a bowl of water and at least three sleeping places to choose from. Another advantage would be a diamon studded cat flap which I was hoping for at Catmas.”

“Finished Tabby, can I upload your famous words.”

“Yes Mrs. Human, it will do for today, but do not forget the remark about the diamon studied cat flap I am exhausted on pawing these words.”

“And I am exchausted in making a simultaneous translation from meow to human and writing it down and there will not be a diamond studied cat flap.”

“Mrs. Human, we all have our problems and mine is the diamond studied cat flap which I was really expecting to receive as a Catmas gift. I had to do the brainwork, planning and thinking of what you should paw for me. I will now take a rest to recover. My best ideas arrive when I am sleeping.”

“Yes, Tabby, I noticed.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Retreat