Daily Feline Pompt: Feline Ovation


“Come on, open the window, I do not have all day, I had things to do and places to go.”

“Tabby, you can enter through the cat flap. You have a special remote control on your collar.”

“I have a magnet on my collar which has a negative pole, to react wtih the negative pole on the cat flap, which opens it atuomatically. I do not have a remote control.”

“Tabby, it is all the same thing. You just have to stand in front of the flap, position yourself in the correct place, and the flap opens and I do not have to open the window for you.”

“Are you joking Mrs. Human, to use a human word which does not exist in meow. I am Tabby, and you are human, thus your purpose in life is to care for my well-being and contentment, meaning open the window. I do not have time to waste with standing in the right place to open a cat flap, that is beneath my dignity.”

“OK, Tabby, as an exception, but you really have enough time to do it yourself. The window is now open.”

“And, what are you waiting for, a standing ovation? It is your privilidge to attend to my needs.”

“So now your can do what  is so urgent and go to your important places.”

“I have nothing urgent to do, that is your job Mrs. Human. Fill up my water bowl with fresh water and perhaps a morsel of food would be necessary.”

“Ok, I bought a new bag of our favourite food today. 10 Kg of healthy vitamin pellets, flavoured with tuna fish.”

“I am convinced that the fish in those pellets are no longer swimming. 10 Kg means at least a month until I get through it all, so calm down. I am not excited, just frustrated realising that I will be chewing on them for a long time.”

“Anything  else Tabby?”

“Do not change the subject. On the other paw, have you vacuumed my cushion on the top of the cupboard and placed it outside in the fresh air.”

“Yes Tabby, it is now ready for your next sleep.”

“Great. I will  now rest for a few hours. In the meanwhile you may prepare a delicacy for my next meal.”

“Ok, sleep well Tabby.”

“Mrs. Human, I am feline, I always sleep well, but remember, I always have one ear listening in a feline way.”

Daily Feline Pompt: Feline Ovation

8 thoughts on “Daily Feline Pompt: Feline Ovation

  1. It is as the old adage says, ” a dog will look at you and say, ‘You feed me house me and care for all my needs. You must be God.’ Meanwhile a cat will look at you and say,’ you feed me house me and care for all my needs. I must be God.’.”

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  2. Dear Tabby, I wish we had a dog flap, but the yard is not secure and my little sister might go have adventures. Today she teased our human and it was pretty funny. She go out where she wasn’t supposed to. Our human stopped her, my little sister ran away, my human looked confused and then my sister just went into the house like nothing. Sometimes I’m able to see what you mean about humans not being all that smart. If my little sister can fool our human, well? Food for thought. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      In our yard felines are the boss, so no problem. However, a cat flap is a useful appliance, if our boss status is threatened. Just run for it, and when the oppressor realises that he stand no chance against the feline gods, he goes of is own free will and then we are again in charge.
      Humans are not smart, but let us be glad for small mercies. It makes it easier to enslave them and they feel good fulfilling our wishes.
      Tabby T. Cat


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