Daily Prompt: Feline Renewal


“Sleeping again Tabby.”

“Is that a question or a confirmation Mrs. Human.”

“Depends on the answer.”

“If I was sleeping you would not get an answer, not even a whisker quiver. I am meditating on the meaning of life.”

“You always seem to be meditating on that subject.”

“Mrs. Human it is not an easy question being a feline. We have multiple lives and must consider which life we are thinking about. The meaning of one life is simple, either you have it or you do not, but nine lives. There are many viewpoints to be considered.”

“Oh, I never thought of it like that.*

“Of coure not Mrs. Human, humans never think about anything, they are too concerned with their own life. Either you spend it on adoration for the feline race, and read their wishes from their whiskers, or you do not. I am glad to say you are on the way Mrs. Human.”

“Oh thanks Tabby, I do my best.”

“Which is not enough, if I may say so.*

“You have a problem?”

“I have mentioned from time to time an opression I suffer due to the food bowls constantly filled with hard unappetising vitamin pellets, artificially flavoured with a fish taste, which I doubt originated from a fish, but more a mixture composed in a back street laboratory somewhere and spiced with a touch of attractant to fool me into actually devouring it, but I have now resigned to this method of feline deception, based on the reason that “they are good for you”. I was reading in the “Feline Times” that this is an eternal problem between the inferior human race and the superior divine feline race.”

“But they are very healthy, the vet told me it is the best food for a growing feline.”

“Mrs. Human I am no longer growing, I have reached my full size and at the age of 14 I know what is best for me. And never believe the words of a vet, they never tell the truth. Do not forget my years of wisdom on the human scale have already passed yours, and that in my fourth life, I still have five lives to go, so I will be around for some time.”

“Yes of course Tabby. In that case I do not want to impose on your great knowledge. Tuna Fish this evening?”

“Of course, but I will finish my sleep first of all. I am almost finished, just 2 more lives to renew and I will be ready for anything. Switch the light off when you go, It forces  my eyes to shrink.”

“Of course Tabby, anything for a feline that was once worshipped as a god.”

“And still is Mrs. Human, do not forget.”

Daily Prompt: Feline Renewal

9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Feline Renewal

    • I am glad to see that someone has sympathy for my neglect Mrs. Human. You see, the food situation should be rethought. It is a new year and that would be a good resolution. No more vitamin pellets this year, all freshly prepared according to my wishes. Mrs. Human stop complaining and get down on your knees – after all I am used to being worshipped, it is in my blood.

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  1. Dear Tabby, You and I are close in age. I will be 11 soon. My sister was “renewed” today but I had to stay home because our human went on the walk with other humans and took my sister but not me. My human’s friends both have large cars, but she took her car. I guess it was just as well because there were hunters out on the wildlife area today and I probably would have chase them. My human thinks the idea of me chasing people who are carrying guns is a bad idea and I agree. Tabby, have you ever thought how trusting your human is to leave food in your bowl all day? If our human did that, Mindy wouldn’t be able to get through the doors! Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      We have this hunting thing here, Mrs. Human tells me, but it all happens at certain times of the year and not where I live. The only hunter I meet is Roschti, and he is hunting for rights on my territory, but that has been going on for so long, the I am sure if Roschti would put out a paw of truce, life would be boring.
      I do not like cars, beause they always seem to travel to the vet. I have never been in a car that goes somewhere nice where I can run free afterwards.
      It is not trusting Dusty, it is a natural event to leave food constantly available, although I insisted. Some humans do not do that, because their felines have not trained them properly. I made it clear to Mrs. Human that she saves work because she does not have to constantly fill up my bowl. Although there are times when perhaps I eat a little too much, but also has the advatage of hairball manufacture.
      Rather like yolur hippy coat that you were wearing. I told Mrs. Human I want one as well, with a MacDonalds “M” on it, to match my fur pattern on my forehead.
      Tabby T. Cat

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