Daily Feline Prompt: Tabby Mopes


“I am not moping, but life is just not worth living at the moment, at least one of my lives, the other eight are still thinking about it.”

“I am sorry to hear that Tabby, what has happened? You have a warm place to sleep, actually 5-6 warm places to sleep, a full bowl of food and always fresh water. Is there something missing in your lives Tabby?”

“That is the problem Mrs. Human.I have everything I need. Perhaps a diamond studied cat flap and a bowl of tuna fish would help, but even that is not the solution to my mood at the moment.”

“But Tabby you are healthy and that is the main thing. You have your annual jabs every year to make sure that you stay healthy and……”

“That’s it, Mrs. Human, now I recognise the Damocles Sword hanging over my whiskers. The old year is finishing and the new year is beginning.”

“That is good Tabby, you can perhaps even make a new year resolution and begin anew.”

“That’s for the humans, felines do not make new year resolutions, we break them before they are made. No, the problem is January.”

“What is wrong with January?”

“It is the month marked with a black cross.”

“That does not sound very good.”

“It is the month when I am tranported in the car to that place all felines dread, where their dignity is robbed and attacks are made on private parts.”

“No, Tabby, the only place I will be going with you is to the vet.”

“Exactly. Mrs. Human, I am healthy, I feel good thanks to the wonderful vitamin food I am given in my bowl in the shape of hard indigestable pellets. I do not need a vet, I am overflowing with health.”

“I am sure you are Tabby, but I want to keep it like that. The ladies at the vet really like you and the vet finds you are a brave feline.”

“I deserve a Bastet medal for my visit Mrs. Human.”

“And as a reward that you go bravely to the vet, you will have a surprise dinner this evening.”

“Tuna fish?”

“No, Tabby, you just mentioned how glad you are to be given the wonderful vitamin pellets to keep you nice and healthy for the visit to the vet.”

“I said that? Postpone the visit to the vet Mrs. Human, instead I will pay a visit to the feline Dr. Sigmund Paws Freud. I think my problems are more to do with a vetinary complex.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Tabby Mopes