Daily Feline Prompt: The Hopeful/Determined Feline


It is a feline life that I lead: insulted daily by playing the waiting game becase the window is closed. Mrs. Human tells me I can enter at any time I wish, the cat flap is always ready. What she does not realise that leaving through the cat flap is no problem, it is open, but entering? Now that is a tricky piece of work, and a waste of time.Why should I position myself at a certain angle in front of the flap and push with my fragile head to open the cat flap, when my human is quite capable of opening the window. She should be waiting for my entrance at all times, and not disappear to do something human.

Oh, did I mention it, hope is definately not a word that would exist in the Meow Dictionary. Felines do what they want and go where we want to. We also sleep when we want to, there is no question of this funny word “hope”. I do not know where humans get such strange ideas. I do not hope for a bowl of tuna fish, I want a bowl of tuna fish and I get a bowl of tune fish, although no always. My human often mistakes the word “tuna fish” for “vitamin pellets”, but I am working on that one.

So, now to the purpose of today’s meow masterpiece.

I would like to wish all humans reading my words of wisdom a very happy New Year. I would now wish all felines that are following my advice on how to treat your humans with success, a very happy new life next year. Remember, that we should always be considerate towards the unfortunate humans, they cannot help it that they are humans, they were born that way. If you have prolems then I would advise buying a copy of my new Book “How to educate your humans”. For just 5 tins of tuna fish, or two branches of catnip it is yours.

Daily Feline Prompt: The Hopeful/Determined Feline

6 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: The Hopeful/Determined Feline

  1. Hi Tabby–Teemu and Parker here. We are shipping 5 cans of tuna to you–the old Human will never even notice the charge on her credit card. “How to educate your humans’ is very much needed in this household. Happy New Year to you. Oh, and stand your ground with that door. Opening it with your fragile head…..unthinkable!

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    • Thanks for the donation Teemu and Parker – very much appreciated. I do what I can to help us helpless felines. We must unite against the human indoctrinations, with their excuses that everything is “good for you”. A paw swipe now and again does no harm and do not forget the first law of the feline brethren – we do not obey orders, we take messages and think about it.

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  2. Happy New Year, Tabby! In canine the word “hope” exists and means “Are we going for a walk? I think we’re going for a walk.” It might have other applications, but in our house that’s the only one. Sorry about your cat flap problem. Perhaps your humans should have gotten you one that’s simpler to use like the dog flap my friends have in Colorado Springs. We push it to go out and push it to come in. My human says it’s not very weather tight, though, whatever that means. Your friend forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      We felines do not do years, just lives, so happy new life and my it be full of barks and squirrels (I think they are your favourite) and bones to bury. I just go for a walk when I feel like it. It is a thing with those flaps. My flap is designed for I, me and myself, to stop any other invaders entering. This would not be a problem. I have the key to enter with a magnet on my collar. However, I have to be in the right position for it to work which is, of course, no real problem for a super intelligent feline like myself, but things are easier to have a door opener like Mrs. Human. This is one of my new life resolutions “Train your human to be constantly aware when you wish to enter”, although she is proving difficult to grasp the reason why. I am sure if my cat flap was diamond studied it would be much easier to open, which brings me to my second resolution “insist on a diamond studied cat flap”.
      May the squirrels be with you. Tabby T. Cat

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