Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Resolutions

Tabby 31.12 (1)

4.    ……”

“But Tabby, it is an empty list, you have not written anything.”

“I am still thinking about it Mrs. Human. Resolutions are not something you just paw down, it has to be tackled with a serious approach. What about “I will always be there for the others, I, me and myself and will support them wherever possible”.

“That doesn’t sound like a resolution Tabby, more like a manifest.”

“You think I should include tuna fish as well.”

“No Tabby, including yourself three times is enough. Perhaps you could make No. 2 resolution to be more considerate towards your human slave.”

“Yes, Mrs. Human, you are right. I do tend to neglect various aspects of our relationship. No. 2 resolution: Always leave a clean food bowl, to enable Mrs. Human to fill it easier.”

“I think we are having communication problems Tabby.”

“OK, Resolution No. 3, help Mrs. Human with her understanding of the Meow language and Resolution No. 4 would be Order her a Meow-human dictionary to facilitate the understanding between the two species.”

“That is not actually what I meant Tabby. I was thinking more about you being more helpful and not leaving everything to me to do.”

“But I just resolved to leave behind a nice clean food bowl.”

“That is nothing new Tabby, you always lick the last morsel from the bowl and when you are finished it is always clean. I understand Meow quite well Tabby and do not need a dictionary, I think you need a complete list of words that should be included in the Meow dictionary, like “help, consideration, thoughtfulness, generosity and thankyou”.

“That is a difficult one Mrs.Human, I do not know how to spell those words in human and no feline would understand them because they do not exist in meow. But back to the problem, would you prefer your Meow dictionary in original hieroglyphics or phonetic signs.”

“Perhaps you could get me one of each version, then I could decide.”

“No problem Mrs. Human. I would recommend the hieroglyphical version. If you do not understand it you can look at the pictures.”

“Are you insinuating that I cannot read.”

“Of course not Mrs. Human, even humans can read, it is just a matter of the correct interpretation.  I have a New Years gift for you which will help. Meow lessons online.”

“Thanks Tabby, you are so generous.”

“Don’t mention it, always ready to help. Resolution No. 5: be kind to your human, they are a simple folk and need pointing in the right direction.”


Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Resolutions