Daily Feline Prompt: The Interior Feline

TabbyFeline problems are manifold. Mrs. Human is again sitting at her computer using her opposable thumbs to write something, ignoring the torture I am enduring in front of the window. There are unfriendly vibes sending signals outside. I feel negative impulses in my whiskers, not to mention my ears. There is something afoot. If I stay here I am protected. On the other paw, any self respecting feline does not sit behind a window and watch from the inside out. It would betray our reputation of once being worshipped as a god. What could possibly harm us. We are invinceable, have 9 lives (at least I once had 9 lives, count now down to five I think) so there is nothing to lose. I will take my fate in my own paws, signalising the lazy human that she should move and open the window.

I gave her one of my glares and have sent meaningful signals, with help of a strong meow, that she should now perform her duty as a feline slave and open the window.


And now a strong sniff to analyse the lurking dangers. I cannot smell dog which would be No. 1 threat as they chase anything that moves. Come to think of it so do felines, but we are fussy what we eat. Dogs eat everything, they are not so fussy as we felines.  On the other paw I am also quite particial to moving objects with fur, but only if they squeak and are small enough to be trapped by an alert paw swipe.

At the last sniff, everything seemed to be under control, I will now take my remaining 5 lives into my paws and venture into the unknown. If I do not return tomorrow with my daily feline blog, then remember the brave deed I overcame be leaving the safety of the interior. Do not weep for me bloggers, it is a far far better thing that I now purr than I have ever purred.

Daily Feline Prompt: The Interior Feline