Daily Feline Prompt: Gone Feline


“Where are you going Tabby<‘”

“I don’t know.”

“But you should tell me. If you get lost I should know where to look.”

“Mrs. Human, felines do not lose themselves. We always know where we are.”

“But I will not know where you are.”

“That is not important, the main thing is that I know where I am. You often disappear to the Tuna fish delivery centre and I do not know where you are or when and if you will return.”

“That is not the same Tabby and it is a supermarket for humans for food. It is not a tuna fish centre, they just happen to have tuna fish as well and I always return.”

“You mean you do not go there just because of my needs, but for your own needs as well? Don’t you find that a bit selfish?”

“Sorry, I am always thinking of you Tabby.”

“So you should be.”

“So where are you going?”

“Not that it is any of your business, but I happen to be missing a furball, and I think I deposited it in the garden next door.”

“That is not very good.”

“Correction, Mrs. Human, that would be perfect. Keeping hairballs in your own garden is not so good, having them next door extends the territory.”

“When will you be back?”

“Is this the secret police or something? I have no idea, I must see where the paws take me. Just wait at the window for me to return.”

“But you can enter through the cat flap. I noticed this morning that you were suddenly at the window in the living room to let me know I should leave my comfortable chair and go to the window in the other room to open it for you.”

“Of course. I was being ignored, so I decided to try something new in my human training programme, and it worked. I pawed at the window in the living room, and as a well trained human you left your chair immediately and opened my usual entrance window for me.”

“Ok, Tabby, but don’t be away too long on your walk.”

“Why, is something important happening.”

“I was at the tuna fish centre this morning for your evening meal.”

“I will be back in as soon as I uncover the missing furball, in about 5 minutes.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Gone Feline